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Do you know what to do in a road traffic accident?

So lets have a look at what it does...

We ask you to upload your personal details as soon as possible. This will save time later. As you can see it’s very user friendly and easy to follow.

You then have an intro page that tells you what to do in the event of an accident. Simple step by step points and the ability to call 999 at the push of a button.


All of this info can then be saved to the App. This will help you to give all the necessary information to PSNI and your insurance company. The information can then be submitted to my office for advice on relevant RTA matters for example compensation claims, advice on criminal liability eg driving without due care and attention or advice on obtaining courtesy cars and managing insurers. But it doesn’t mean that people have to use my office or even report the accident to my office. You can save the info and simply use it to make things easier with your insurance company.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office to ensure that any data we receive is properly used and protected. We will be gathering information that has never before been made available. Most non-fatal accidents don’t even involve police and as a result hundreds of accidents go unreported. If people sign up and use Crashbook we can share the accident location info with PSNI Roads to pinpoint blackspots, identify what roads are dangerous in certain weather conditions and assist in improving road safety. Each year the PSNI release a report on road accidents and with the addition of Crashbook info this report will greatly improve our roads.

Insurance Companies can work with the info Crashbook has to save themselves money on claims assessors, to identify accident fraud known as Crash for Cash which costs up to £1billion a year, or £50 per head of person on their policy which could save us money on our annual policy.

Reviews Our current users say...

  • Julie Owner - Girl Friday NI Love this app! Simple and helpful in one! We all want to be in control when the unexpected happens! As someone who had a few prangs I wish I'd had this app then. Everything you need to know and info to gather when it's incredibly stressful is priceless! To have your solicitor who you trust notified quickly to help with advise is genius! It takes 10mins and it's on your phone every time you get in your car!
  • Sam Mallon This app is fantastic. It is very easy to use. It is a really helpful and great guide to all individuals that need the service. It is very informative and there are many safety tips. I will ensure that my family and friends don't leave he house without downloading it!
  • Wobbles99 Great idea for an app.. Very easy and straightforward to use, told friends and family., hope they never have to use it!!

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Remember that Crashbook is your accident companion. I hope that you never need to use it and I hope that no-one close to you will ever need it. But if you do you will have a guide that will get you through one of the worst experiences in your life. And it’s free.


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